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Detroit(-ish), MI

Cannabis King

2021 —



Front end web design

Digital content strategy


Cannabis King is a medical and recreational dispensary located in Burton, Michigan. A website that serves as an online menu and home base demanded the proper visual identity to engage. As the dispensary looks to establish a brand using digital presence, the tactical goals included efforts to increase overall SEO performance of the website and strategic content creation.

Web Design

screenshot of cannabis king website homepage and layout designcannabis industry customer experience mapping digital flow conversionscannabis king sitemap design ui/uxCannabis King website web page design with grid and wireframe preview

Social Media

Brand Application

mylar bag design for cannabis dispensary brands by tyler lucemylar bag design for cannabis dispensary brands by tyler luceCannabis king jar label packaging design

SEO Highlights

Google SEO
36.9% average Click Through Rate (CTR)
33.5% increase in average Keyword Ranking/Position
77.1% increase in Position of top 15 search queries
81.73% in Organic Search Visibility Index
Site & Page Performance
2.75% average Page Load Time
1.75 seconds average Home Page Load Time
1.5 seconds until page is fully interactive
1.3 seconds on PageSpeed Insights Speed Index Score
23.94% bounce rate for local organic traffic
80.2% Decrease in Cart Abandonment rate for online pickup orders from Returning Visitors.
45.71% Decrease in Cart Abandonment rate for online pickup orders from New Visitors.

Content Case Studies


Make local social media users aware that Cannabis King is a new dispensary that is now open for business and entice them to visit the physical location.


While following platform guidelines, publish posts that make users aware of Cannabis King's address, hours, and customer type acceptance.

Create a profile URL that provides quick access to directions, online ordering and contact information.


With help of Google SEO and social backlinks from its website, Cannabis King gained local followers alongside inquiries about product inventory.


Bulk strain product inventory will always be the most stocked. Sales should increase for bulk flower strains.


Create content topics and templates that revolve around the bulk flower inventory: "Strain Showcase," and "Strain of the Week."

Content informs viewers and highlights strain information that are potential deciding factors for making an online order.


Strain Showcase became a well-liked post, eventually becoming a main content topic for Cannabis King.

Bulk flower sales boosted 12% on average on the days that SM/SMS/MMS channels include "Strain Showcase" or "Strain of the Week" content.

Bulk flower is 67% of all orders.


Existing customers are not aware of Cannabis King's rewards program because there is no information on it and there is no digital access point for customers to view their rewards.

This is a tremendous issue on the competitive landscape since all other local dispensaries already have established rewards programs to incentivize return visits.


Use the company's branding to immediately present the loyalty program: The loyalty rewards program will be rebranded to the Royalty Program by Cannabis King; The act of utilizing the points by a customer is now called "Receiving the Royal Treatment;" The physical store location is referred to as the Royal House; Customers are now referred to on all communications, including in-store signage and employee interactions, as "Royal Guests."

Existing customers: Create links to accessing their rewards in email and SMS communications.

New customers: Create links on website, platform profiles, and QR codes on physical signage to allow sign ups (thus, marketing opt-ins) before visiting in-store.


Cannabis King's Royalty Program became a branding staple for signage, content and customer service.

Royalty Program signs up have increased over 300%.

Average lifetime spend of Royal Guests has increased up to 233% greater than non-members.

64% of all customers are fully opted into the Royal Program's marketing communications.



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