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Detroit(-ish), MI

My name is Tyler Luce. I am proud to be a first generation Filipino-American that started existing in 1997. I am currently living near Detroit, Michigan.

Design is my fundamental discipline while digital marketing is my approach to further explore a complete system of communication, from human to human.

I am a mid-level multidisciplinary visual designer with an emphasis on brand identity and digital experiences.

In addition, I am a certified digital marketer who uses storytelling and content strategy, and works collaboratively with clients, to achieve goals that add value to an idea or product.

Throughout my 8 years of design experience, I have developed a wide-range of skills that range across different mediums.

With a high-level of design thinking, and expertise in digital marketing, I extensively concern myself with both intersections of communication; from the ideation the message, to the broadcasting of it onto different platforms.


Independent / Freelance


Digital Strategist & Designer
@ Prime Concepts Detroit


Branding & Digital Experience
Brand Content & Strategy