Tyler Luce.

B. Oct 02, 1997. Based in Detroit, Michigan. Communication designer and certified digital marketer.

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Tyler Luce

B. Oct 02, 1997. Based in Detroit, Michigan.
Communication designer and certified digital marketer.

Cooperative work sessions, collaborative meetings, and clear guidance to execute your idea. From ideation and research, to the broadcasting of the message. You will be seen and heard through strategic creativity.

Forward Detailing

Brand strategy, brand identity, Web design, SEO, Paid advertising strategy

As a new startup in the automotive detailing industry, the company had a treacherous competitive landscape to navigate being in the center of the U.S. automotive industry.

With a complete research phase, a branding system was designed to attract its target audience while remaining welcoming to the rest. Its positioning is aided with digital marketing tactics and further branding efforts to help carve out a perfect place to grow within the fierce marketplace.

As a mobile detailing company, the website was the home base. It's designed and deployed with Webflow, completely capable of booking appointments and tracking conversion data to visualize the customer journey. With a content strategy fleshed out; paid advertising, newsletter marketing, and use of social media helped pave the way for new bookings starting at brand awareness through direct and indirect traffic.

Propur Water Filters

Brand identity, paid advertising strategy, SMM

After proposing a visual rebranding, an objective that the growing company surely needed to meet, I was approved to execute my idea for the brand; to turn the company from a B2b, to a more natural consumer-facing situation.

As a B2b company, Propur's structure of sub-brands and its hierarchy of its product catalog were widely miscommunicative to the general public. One task was to consolidate the sub-brands and provide product management to support the brand's transition.

By entering an existing marketplace that's new to the brand, positioning it within that marketplace was crucial to embrace its newfound audience. With consumer and market research, funnel points were discovered and developed in order to embody a strategy that communicates the brand's intentions and products.

Following is an optimization of the platforms within Propur's online marketing strategy. With the target audience evolved and an exhaustive audit for its digital marketing, crucial metrics and the brand's competitors were revealed allowing a revamped social media strategy.

With the voice, vision, and mission of the company compelled in the rebranding process, the brand and its visual language system were now in new order. Blue for water, an elegant yet friendly typeface, and a digital presence that's searchable, memorable, and impactful; Both visually and personally.

The branding's concept was challenged by visually maintaining Propur's level of expertise and experience in the water filtration industry while making the information explicable by the general public.

In the end, elements of the old logotype were adapted into the new and the color system was created using math to discover pure shades. The product hierarchy was reorganized by product type rather than the technology each product utilized. And content treatment and patterns ensured the visual language system remained flexible and scalable as the brand grows its presence.

Ninety-Nine Percent

Brand identity, social media, content creation, content brief

Ninety-Nine Percent is a strength & conditioning program idealized by a content creator and targets everyone from beginners to high-level athletes. The program has a huge impact on the lifestyles and mindsets of people enrolled into the program. Alongside its physical presence of being a strength & conditioning program company, is the digital presence of being a second hand resource for all things nutrition and fitness for program subscribers. The idea of the brand is to attract the athletes in every crowd, whether they're trying to change their health habits or looking to excel in the sport they play and/or follow.

The identity for the company must be accessible for everyone. Its presence didn't want to intimidate newcomers of fitness nor did it want to come off as unchallenging to seasoned athletes. With an entire database of nutritional and athletic foundations, Ninety-Nine Percent is tailored for the unleashed beast in everybody.

Like the company itself, the identity was an overall program of sub-assets. The presence must be translatable between the digital and physical worlds as athletes are increasingly using technology to up their game.
The solution is a flexible visual identity with a logo; a blend between an evolving brand and a structured system. The brand is perspicuous and concise, maintaining its identity through its assets including the colors, pattern, and tone of voice.

With the foundation of the company being online and remote, the biggest focus was creating a brand voice that was maintainable since the company owner was also the asset manager. An extensive guideline for content creation and treatment was passed onto the client that's useful for every scenario the brand might find itself in.

Lavazza's Workspaces

Spatial design

As a spatial design for break rooms and coffee rooms across workplaces carrying Lavazza products. The responsibility was to stimulate, engage, and inspire all the hard workers out there.

Existing as a design wrap for a corporate office, the goal of the design is to distract from the mundane, to immerse one into the experience while maintaining the office and workplace standards.

The objective the goal wanted to reach was to highlight an important function of offices - teamwork; in hopes of some self-reflection from the hard workers in the space. The design wrap tells a story of a diverse group of people working together to complete an ultimate goal. It conveys a tone of voice that's both professional and a relief of work duties, it also stimulates the onlooker with a creative mode of thought during their break.

The outcome is a vibrant, visual narrative that breaks the monotonous habits of corporate design. The short bursts of phrases throughout the design spark refreshing conversations that revolve outside the workplace.

A classic italic roman typeface that included equally vibrant swashes was used alongside Pablo Stanley's open source library of characters that provided an additional element to push the narrative.

313 Genetics

Visual identity

313 Genetics is a company specializing in cannabis cultivation and serves the Detroit metro area.

The branding of 313 genetics is a revisit of a commissioned project for two logos that were insisted on representing the company in its entirety. Consequently, the identity designed for the branding is logo-centric, the virtues and elements of the logoform and logotype were adopted into the full ideation of the brand.

The company itself is the overall entity that the brand is established on. Within that company, is a sector that specializes in their product called AIR. The AIR team consists of cultivators and botanists that truly appreciate and care for their work and craft. Their attention to detail, sensibility, and pragmatic approach to a cultural business are addressed visually in the identity. AIR is a stylized acronym that stands for "Aspire. Inspire. Respire." This phrase is also the motto conceived for the company and its values. 313 Genetics and AIR actively bring the community together by fulfilling local needs as well as conducting classes to educate people on hydroponics across all industries. The products of 313 Genetics that are flower and raw product incorporates AIR's craftsmanship through the product they develop in house. It is important to highlight the internal team's efforts on the company's products as well as visual identity to present a confident, prideful, and honest connection to its patients.

The result is a new identity that stays true to its roots and holds a strong bond with both internal and external relationships. The branding clearly shows the identity of each product while providing an appealing approach to its products for the target audience.

As for 313 Genetic's packaging material, the zip pouches are made from recycled content. The standard "Doob Tube" was tossed away and instead, a recyclable cardboard tube is utilized for pre-rolled products. Concentrate containers were upgraded from the standard silicone material to promote reusability of the packaging, and tincture bottles and other glass packagings for beverages alike are recyclable by their material.

Pray/Prey to the Pharmacy

Poster, zine

This zine, also designed as a poster, was created with the context of a fictional commentary about an adolescent discovering the wonders of cocaine and drug addiction.

Inspired by romanticized, drug-induced movies, the context aims to put the reader onto the other side of addiction. A side that's oblivious, glamourous, and formidable. The same side that highlights drug abuse with the limelight of our culture.

The juxtaposition of relying on big pharma and being a victim of addiction through big pharma's is directly conveyed through the brazen title. I continued this message through the imagery and typeset design.

The result of the context and design is a zine and poster that's intriguing to read and look at, but is almost repentant to enjoy.

Excerpts from: Kids (1995), Trainspotting (1993), Charlie Bartlett (2007), Hunter S. Thompson, Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga (1967), Requiem for a Dream (1978).

Zine details:
4" x 8"
Printed on Speckletone

Poster details:
18" x 24"
Printed on Speckletone

Donnie Darko title sequence

Motion design

Initiated through a school project at the College for Creative Studies, my assignment was to create a title sequence for a film that does not yet have one. I chose Donnie Darko because of my fascination with its themes and cult following. My duties included full ideation, cinematography, and post production.

The idea was to mimic a one-take scene and to give the impression of something unwanted in a house similar to that in the movie. I included symbolism that represents sleep walking, prescription medicine, and other subjects that are shown throughout the film.

Original movie: Donnie Darko directed by Richard Kelly.

Achieved placement in the 2017 Student Exhibition Opening at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit MI.

Root of all Evil

Zine, poster

Conceptualized as a design package, the Root of all Evil is a meditation on the malicious influence money has over a human life.

I designed this after the death of Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, an artist from Florida. I recounted the death of other influencing musicians that I've always admired throughout my life.

The familiarity of the issue is addressed through a crude design language and color. Concerning content, the similarities of the late musicians are tied together by the element of line. Representing death, connection, and fate; the line is seen throughout the zine and poster intersecting each of the featured artists.

An addition to the printed matter, I conceptualized a money clip to further greed's role within the design.

Zine details:
8" x 8"
Printed on Speckletone & Translucent Vellum

Poster details:
18" x 24"
Printed on 65lb Cover Matte

Design Can Change the World

Motion design

As a project for school at the College for Creative Studies, my assignment was to discover a speech that affects my design standpoint and then to create a spoken word video utilizing motion graphics.

Original transcript by: Ingrid Fatell

Achieved placement in the 2017 Student Exhibition Opening at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit MI.

George Rose

Creative direction, packaging artwork, poster

George Rose, a talented up and coming artist, presented to me his debut project with an exhibition to promote it in the United Kingdom. Rose's vision was to create an equal experience visually as much as its meant to be auditory. His Debut EP is titled, You're Not Worth An Album, So Here's an EP. It's available on most streaming platforms.

Compelling photography and the essence of the project is captured in the photo zine I designed and helped produced. The photo zine includes the full set of cover artwork I designed for the project as well.

Creative direction: George Rose, Tyler Luce

Photographers: Laura Manners, Ben Llyon, Joceline Allen, Sophia Cheung, Hassan Hasin

Other artists: Charlie Wren, Becca Jones, Yasmin Idris, Francesca Bleay

Cover art details:
Digital formats

Photozine details:
8.5" x 11"
Printed on Speckletone

Poster details:
18" x 24"
Printed on Speckletone

Various cover artwork

Cover artwork and album packaging is where I enjoy expressing my creative direction the most. These cover art samples are work from current and past clients. Starting from a digital point, many of these covers have been reproduced in physical forms such as CD packaging and vinyl packaging.

I'm always eager to work with other creatives to produce the best visuals for their work.